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2D Animation vs 3D Animation: What’s the Difference?

Stefan Vaskevich
CEO & Founder Cyberfox

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3D animation is more complicated than 2D. It is important to achieve excellent performance, data structures. In addition, it is important to have a professional knowledge of programs and mathematics.
3D animation is more difficult than 2D animation due to the more complex range of motion, geometry, lighting/shadowing, and textures involved.
Due to the reasons described above, 2D videos are faster to make and cost less than 3D videos.
If the major focus is on the story, then 2D animation is better. If the purpose of the video is to show the scale, choose 3D animation.
It depends on your goals. If you have a limited budget and/or timeframe, then you should give preference to 2D animation. If these things are not so limited, go for 3D.
As a general rule of thumb, 3D animation costs more, but length, style, complexity, and graphics all also affect the cost. 3D, by definition, is higher in complexity.
No, it’s optional. 2D involves more drawing skills, and 3D involves learning complex programs, so choose whatever sounds more up your alley.
Yes, you can. There’s a combination of both technologies which is gaining popularity today. Some call it 2.5D technology. Animators draw all objects and characters in a three-dimensional format using textures, but with flat animation elements.
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