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3D Visualization Services

It`s not enough just to come up with a great idea, the more important task is to lay it out and present. To make your message sensible yet competitive and visually appealing, it`s best to create 3D renders to showcase benefits of your concept so people will vote for or buy it.

What is 3D visualization ?

3D visualization service is a set of measures that covers modeling your scene and rendering it to an image, animated video, or a virtual environment, in which you can have a walkthrough, control camera, interact with items, etc. The later real-time interactive visualization type is the most complex, but there are companies like CyberFox that are specialized on it.

The benefits of 3D visualization

Aside from the fact that 3D visualization is usually expensive and time consuming, there are more benefits that`ll help you in the long run.

Lay out your idea

We live in three-dimensional space and naturally people gravitate towards 3D experiences compared to traditional 2d images or PowerPoint slides with text.

Source of improvement

Building a 3D model of your project is an important stage of the design process. You`ll clearly see ways to improve and flaws before they get real.

Easily editable

You can edit 3D visualization instantly at no extra cost unlike rebuilding parts of a house exterior you designed with a structural problem.

Our 3D Visualization Services Include

We at CyberFox develop all-round 3D online solutions. The 3D visualization service that we offer includes multiple steps.

Creating models

We model all 3D objects and characters to use them in the scene that will present your product.

Adding animation

The team of professional animators create moving camera paths, animate objects and take care of smooth transitions from one angle of view to another.

Adding interaction

If you need a visualization that responds to user actions and feedback (e.g., an online 3D configurator), we can add interactivity to the scene visualization.

Deploying visualization onto your website

When a 3D scene is ready and tested in-house, we can deploy it onto your website so your end users will be able to access this visualization.

Rendering services

If you don`t need an interactive web-based 3D environment, we can do traditional static renders and animated videos of your project.

Examples of CyberFox 3D visualizations

We have expertise in multiple fields where we gained expertise aside from our 3D and web development skills. It helps us build processes to handle new projects from areas we haven`t worked in before.

Online 3D Configurators

An online 3D configurator is a web app that helps end users make decisions and purchase the most suitable option for them. There are examples of car interior configurator and sports ground online configurator where you can combine a basketball and tennis fields in one, select colors, etc.


3D Interior Rendering


Interior rendering is a very popular request that customers are looking for when doing a renovation, new office space planning, etc. Sometimes, it`s needed to showcase furniture or building materials. For example, we`ve created a Virtual Exhibition featuring multiple kinds of fabric within a cozy interior. This visualization works on any device with a modern web browser. Key items can be activated for more details & prices.

3D Visualization Services Workflow

We`re not a typical 3D Visualization company that does one specific task. We handle web implementation that includes specific programming skills, understanding frameworks, etc. The process of creating 3D visualization is well-balanced.


At first we gather all the information about what you`re willing to present in 3D and how it should work.

Sketching out

At first we can create a scene with simple building blocks that gives the idea of a scale, object placement, etc.


After we clearly understand your demands and discuss how we`re going to solve it, we do all the mandatory paperwork.


This stage covers all the steps of preparing a 3D visualization, including modeling, scenario and animation, rendering, providing controls & interactions, etc.


When everything is ready for the launch, we send all the results of work to you and help you deploy the 3D component on your website.

Why Us?

We are no strangers to 3D projects of any complexity and our team has successfully launched many successful solutions for our clients.


All of our projects live on the web, they`re accessible 24/7 and users can open them on any device in a browser.


Most of our 3D visualizations are interactive, provide customization options, additional controls and perform some function, other than idea representation.

Cost efficient

We offer the full cycle of services to create 3D visualization so the overall cost is lower than if you were to order modeling and web implementation separately.

Pricing Guide for 3D Visualizations

3D Visualization is a demanding work that normally requires a team of professionals with knowledge and experience. The final result should be correct, work on all devices, it should be realistic and it should solve the business task. Prices depend on the complexity of the scene you`re about to visualize in 3D, number of objects there, and lots of other parameters. As for the pricing there is no clear answer, it might be $500 or $5,000 and more depending on your needs.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be the strongest visual platform that allows buyers to experience a product and connects them with sellers through those rich product experiences. CyberFox is the future technologies ambassador.

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3D-configurator of the bookcase
Users can:
Change colors
Change width
Change height
Zoom In/Out
Rotate 360°
The parametrization option allows you to choose the furniture according to the size of the interior.
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Sports equipment
Users can:
Change size
Change Colors
Change hoop
Add components
Add Instalation
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High-quality models and textures, complex calculations, integration with sales and payment systems.
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Interior of the limousine
Users can:
Take a screenshot
Change pattern
Change color
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The cost was reduced by 1000% of showing 1800 variations
compared to traditional 2D photos.
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3D configurator. Сustom shoes
Users can:
Change color
Change materials
Change elements
Add picture
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Rotate 360°
This variety is achieved through the ability to add your own images, logos on shoes.
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3D Web application Virtual Arben
Users can:
View annotaions
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The project was designed to showcase a new
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CyberFox has helped
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client review
Scott Vincent
Founder, OnCourt UK
The skill set within Cyber Fox is formidable. Well-structured, timely project management and deep industry insight have accelerated our ability to scale the business. Despite language being a perceived hurdle at the outset, Stefan and the team have communicated clearly, offering ideas and opinions of great value in the process.
OnCourt look forward to further developing our successful business relationship with Cyber Fox. If like us, you’re looking to broaden your 3D horizons, we highly recommend discussing your project with Cyber Fox.
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client review
Peter Rosbjerg
Founder, Rosbjerg3D
Rosbjerg3D and CyberFox have worked together on multiple substantial projects for a wide range of clients in many different industries. With great communication comes great results, and CyberFox has always shown to provide world-class support and service and precise communication in fluent English.
CyberFox have great experience in defining customer needs and will quickly get to the core of the challenge they are given. The experienced and very skilled team at CyberFox always provide professional consulting, and their combined problem-solving abilities always ensures novel and innovative solutions for the task given. The combined skillset of the CyberFox team guarantees reliable and professional solutions to be developed that serve the customer’s needs – and often more.
A huge recommendation and huge Kudos to the whole (and always friendly and welcoming) team at CyberFox.
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client review
Jay Park
CEO at Art&Space IT
Cyberfox always delivers the highest quality results.
A company that offers more than anything you can imagine. With Cyberfox, you can always achieve successful project results. Best partner ever!
client review
Max Kardasevych
CEO Tino Agency
We worked together with the Cyberfox team on three different projects. The team has established itself as strong professional developers and managers;
Thanks to this, we have built long-term cooperation and will continue to attract them to work on our projects.
We always have complex and non-standard projects, so we needed a team with strong expertise. Cyberfox successfully coped with all the tasks assigned to them.
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client review
Daniel Blumenthal
3D Designer
The CyberFox team helped us with the solution to convince customers of our products interactively. The task was to create a virtual house that represents our variety of products and replaces a classic drop-down menu. We are really enthusiastic about the optimization of the 3D model and the solution of this task using WEBGL.
The speed and precision with which CyberFox stood by our side is unparalleled. We would work with this great team again at any time.
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client review
Matt Klein
Digital Director at Keiser Fitness

Worked with CyberFox to navigate a new initiative to build a 3d product configurator. This project entailed developing web-optimized 3d models across 40+ products including our ability to customize colors and accessories. We also needed GLB files for a floor planner. Our configurator allows someone to layout the equipment in a room, then move into an equipment configuration interface for all chosen equipment. The team at CyberFox did amazing work, helped us navigate a new environment in 3d development, and was adept at coordinating a big project with a lot of moving parts. From our experience, we decided to turn to CyberFox when the need for 3d animation work arose.

For the 3d animation, we worked with CyberFox to take a static character render and animate movements on our equipment. Same results - great work. I'd highly recommend this company to anyone.

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3D visualization is created using 3D editing software by a team of 3D artists. This visualization, when complete, can be rendered or launched as a real-time environment like a video game.

Usually, it includes multiple stages of talking to a client, reading sketches and listening to the explanations. The next stages are modeling and rendering, both of which are quite laborious.

A 3D Visualizer is the last step that makes your 3D scene available to a user, like an exhibition after painting, framing and all preparations are made. Therefore, the role is very important and without a proper visualizer, your 3D scenes and models can be reviewed by professionals with 3D editing software only.

3D visualizations are used for presenting ideas, providing users with convenient visual editors and customizers of items that you sell or projects that you implement. Also, it can be used as a design tool that lets you see your idea from 360°.

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