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3D Modeling Outsourcing

You can outsource 3D modeling services to create a virtual three-dimensional object using specialized software. It is in demand in industrial production, construction, graphic design, and many other areas.

3D modeling is used in:

  • video game and 3D animation;

  • digital models of toys and collectibles;

  • augmented reality (AR) assets of retail products, such as furniture and clothing;

  • medical explainers;

  • eLearning modules.

Outsource 3D modeling at CyberFox to get high-quality polygonal and solid-state three-dimensional models. Thanks to the highly qualified employees in the art and engineering 3D modeling departments, CyberFox performs work of absolutely any complexity.


The benefits of Outsourcing 3D Modeling

Outsourcing 3D modeling has many advantages for customers. Among them are:


The support of the state`s position and the workforce allows the customer to pay taxes and make deductions. You save on salary, deductions for insurance, pension, and money for renting accommodations by delegating design tasks.

Saving time

Design outsourcing allows you to solve the task as quickly as possible. All that is required is to give instructions to the manager.

Gives guarantees and allows you to delegate

The customer can avoid many additional problems related to the management and distribution of work. Outsourcing design allows you to perform tasks efficiently and on time. The rest is in the care of the manager and freelance designers.

A wide range of tasks to be solved

CyberFox is an experienced team with a wide range of competencies and can quickly cope with a whole range of tasks, including versatile charges, development of creative ideas, design, layout, banners (including interactive ones), illustrations and videos, and much more.

Our Services Include

There are the types of outsource 3D modeling services that are included:

3D visualization of the interior

It is the easiest way to present to the customer the possibilities of his new construction. When creating an image, the internal volume of an apartment, office, or house becomes realistic, and the designer`s ideas become as visual as possible.

Visualization allows you to evaluate the design project objectively and, if desired, change the interior concept even before the start of repairs, saving the customer money and time.

Exterior visualization

This is the development of the appearance of houses, structures, the design of cottages, homesteads, and any other objects. It creates a general idea of the future construction and the opportunity to see how it will fit into the surrounding landscape.

The exterior development is necessary for architects and designers - it will allow you to visualize the idea before starting detailed calculations. Also, appearance is essential for marketing: the program will show the customer what he can get in the end.

Street view rendering

Modern technologies have made it possible to improve many areas of our life. To predict the appearance of streets, you no longer need to create many drawings that are not always clear to the customer. You can use 3D visualization technology. It allows you to qualitatively simulate a three-dimensional existing model of streets, clearly depicting every detail.

Visualization of objects

This is used for 3D modeling furniture, plumbing, and various products, either in the concept stage or not yet existing. The service is in demand for product catalogs because it allows you to present each object from the most attractive angle.

3D tours

Virtual tours with the effect of presence allow the viewer to independently choose the direction of movement without losing the visual range. You can conduct such a tour through a web interface and on a large plasma screen.

Workflow for Working with 3D Outsourcing Modeling


You can get the desired 3D model by following the following steps.

  • Communication with the manager. Just contact by phone, Skype, email, or leave a request on the website.

  • Task preparation and discussion. At this stage, we define tasks and announce the price.

  • Showing the outline of the project. At this stage, we provided sketches and rough renderings to adjust the principal components` style and composition.

  • Approving draft renderers. At this stage, we send a small picture to you to approve the missing details and correct the shortcomings.

  • Approval and payment. The project is handed over to the customer at this stage with all adjustments.

Why Us?

CyberFox is an excellent solution for your business. Order our 3D modeling service. We prepare 3D models optimized for a variety of tasks. Our team creates a three-dimensional model. We can integrate it into virtual reality and view and change the object`s shapes, materials, and color. Why choose us?

High-quality visualizations

Control of projects at different stages of implementation is the fundamental principle of the company`s work. Do you want to watch the progress? Make sure personally that the designer brings your dreams to life.

Transparent pricing

The cost of each project is formulated individually depending on the options you choose.


We are in touch 24/7 except on holidays and weekends.


We understand our clients from the start, thanks to our impressive experience in interior design and three-dimensional visualization.

Saving time

You don`t have to come to our office. The work is done remotely. However, a personal meeting at the design facility is very desirable when executing a design project.

Cost of Outsourcing 3D Modeling Services

The cost of 3D modeling outsourcing services depends on the amount of work. CyberFox offers the optimal budget for each 3D modeling project. Prices for services are always proportional to the quality and volume of work. Average prices for 3D modeling are shown in the table.



Residential Exterior rendering


Residential Interior rendering


Commercial Exterior rendering


Commercial Interior rendering


High Rise Exterior Rendering


3D Floor Plans


380° Virtual reality


3D Walkthroughs



Outsourcing 3D modelers saves time and speeds up the process. Thanks to outsourcing, entrepreneurs can relieve themselves of part of the production process and transfer it to a third-party company.

Pricing depends on many factors. These include the volume and complexity of the work and the urgency of the order. The average price for outsourcing 3D modeling starts from $300.

It depends on the amount of work. A small project is from 1 week, and large and medium-sized projects are from 3 to 4 weeks.

Outsourcing is an effective solution for many companies. It allows you to save time and money on performing a specific service. Rendering is one of the popular outsourcing services. So yes, you can order outsourced rendering.

What our clients say about us?

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client review
Scott Vincent
Founder, OnCourt UK
The skill set within Cyber Fox is formidable. Well-structured, timely project management and deep industry insight have accelerated our ability to scale the business. Despite language being a perceived hurdle at the outset, Stefan and the team have communicated clearly, offering ideas and opinions of great value in the process.
OnCourt look forward to further developing our successful business relationship with Cyber Fox. If like us, you’re looking to broaden your 3D horizons, we highly recommend discussing your project with Cyber Fox.
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client review
Peter Rosbjerg
Founder, Rosbjerg3D
Rosbjerg3D and CyberFox have worked together on multiple substantial projects for a wide range of clients in many different industries. With great communication comes great results, and CyberFox has always shown to provide world-class support and service and precise communication in fluent English.
CyberFox have great experience in defining customer needs and will quickly get to the core of the challenge they are given. The experienced and very skilled team at CyberFox always provide professional consulting, and their combined problem-solving abilities always ensures novel and innovative solutions for the task given. The combined skillset of the CyberFox team guarantees reliable and professional solutions to be developed that serve the customer’s needs – and often more.
A huge recommendation and huge Kudos to the whole (and always friendly and welcoming) team at CyberFox.
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client review
Jay Park
CEO at Art&Space IT
Cyberfox always delivers the highest quality results.
A company that offers more than anything you can imagine. With Cyberfox, you can always achieve successful project results. Best partner ever!
client review
Max Kardasevych
CEO Tino Agency
We worked together with the Cyberfox team on three different projects. The team has established itself as strong professional developers and managers;
Thanks to this, we have built long-term cooperation and will continue to attract them to work on our projects.
We always have complex and non-standard projects, so we needed a team with strong expertise. Cyberfox successfully coped with all the tasks assigned to them.
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client review
Daniel Blumenthal
3D Designer
The CyberFox team helped us with the solution to convince customers of our products interactively. The task was to create a virtual house that represents our variety of products and replaces a classic drop-down menu. We are really enthusiastic about the optimization of the 3D model and the solution of this task using WEBGL.
The speed and precision with which CyberFox stood by our side is unparalleled. We would work with this great team again at any time.
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